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8-Day Tour of Spain with Food, Music & Love Adventures

Day 1: Barcelona's Historic and Gastronomic Richness

Begin in the heart of Barcelona, awakening to a homemade Spanish breakfast, a delightful prelude to the day's cultural immersion. Venture to the historic Castle de Montjuic, a bastion offering expansive views of Barcelona's intricate cityscape, where centuries of stories are etched into the skyline. For lunch, immerse in the culinary soul of Barcelona with an array of exquisite tapas and jamón, showcasing the finesse of Spanish flavors at a renowned local restaurant. The afternoon is a vibrant exploration of the Mercat de la Boqueria, a bustling epicenter of fresh produce and artisanal crafts, reflecting the city's lively spirit. Dinner at Bar Brutal offers a modern twist on traditional Catalan cuisine, followed by a contemplative evening stroll along the Port of Barcelona, where the Mediterranean's serene beauty meets urban sophistication.


Day 2: Barcelona's Architectural Grandeur and Culinary Exploration

Awaken to Barcelona's architectural wonders. Stroll through the surreal landscape of Park Güell, a testament to Gaudí's visionary brilliance, blending natural forms with artistic creativity. A tapas lunch introduces more culinary gems of the city, each bite a story of tradition and innovation. The afternoon is dedicated to the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia, a visual symphony of Gothic and Art Nouveau styles, symbolizing Barcelona's historical and architectural evolution. Meander through the Gothic Quarter, a labyrinth of history where medieval charm converges with contemporary life. The evening is a gastronomic adventure, a gastro bar and cocktail crawl through Barcelona, sampling an eclectic mix of the city's best culinary offerings.


Day 3: Countryside Serenity at a Winery/Farm Stay

Transition from urban energy to the tranquility of Spain's countryside. Journey to a picturesque winery and farm stay, an idyllic retreat nestled among lush vineyards. This rural haven offers a chance to connect with Spain's agrarian roots and sustainable practices. Spend the afternoon amid nature, exploring the scenic surroundings or participating in vineyard activities, an intimate experience with Spain's viticulture.

Day 4: Coastal Beauty and Authentic Experiences in Santander

Continue to the enchanting coast of Santander. Begin with a hearty breakfast at the farm, then embark on a scenic coastal hike. Discover the rugged beauty of Spain's northern shores, where each step reveals breathtaking views of the Cantabrian Sea. The evening is an authentic encounter with Spanish hospitality, dining at a local family's home in the countryside, where homemade dishes and heartfelt conversations offer a deeper understanding of regional life and customs.

Day 5: Adventure and History in Northern Spain Embrace adventure with an exhilarating cave spelunking journey, exploring Spain's underground marvels. This thrilling experience is followed by a visit to a site of prehistoric cave paintings, a poignant connection to our ancestral past. The day concludes in a charming mountain village, a picturesque setting for a traditional Spanish dinner, offering flavors and stories unique to the region's culinary heritage.

Day 6: Natural Splendor and Local Town Exploration

Dedicate the day to Spain's natural landscapes with a stunning 3-hour hike, unveiling spectacular vistas and hidden treasures of the countryside. A lunch in San Roque De Riomiera is a window into local Spanish life, a quaint town offering warm hospitality and simple pleasures. The afternoon in La Hermida allows for further discovery of Spain's rural charm and the unique character of its small towns.

Day 7: Thrills on River Deva and Culinary Delights

Experience the exhilaration of white-water rafting on the River Deva, a journey through rapids and calm waters framed by magnificent scenery. Conclude the day with a sumptuous Spanish dinner, an opportunity to share tales of the day's adventures and bond over shared experiences.

Day 8: Bilbao's Cultural Tapestry and Farewell in Barcelona

Your final day includes a stop in the cultural hub of Bilbao, a city where traditional and modern Spain meld. Explore its landmarks, including the innovative architecture of the Guggenheim Museum, before returning to Barcelona. This day is a reflective journey, bringing together the week's rich tapestry of experiences.

This itinerary is crafted to invite you into the heart of Northern Spain, offering a blend of local immersion, cultural discovery, and personal rejuvenation. Each day promises new experiences, deep connections, and an authentic taste of Spain's rich heritage. Welcome to your adventure with Food Music & Love Adventures!

Included: All meals (3 per day) and standard beverages, luxurious accommodation in private local villas, entry fees to all sites, and in-country transportation. Not included: Visas, travel insurance, international flights.

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