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Greece Adventures 

Check our adventure calendar to find all our currently booked tour dates that are taking place this 2024 season. Feel free to join any existing date or contact us to book any date and itinerary that works for you.

Our Greece Itineraries

Discover Greece with Food, Music & Love Adventures, where we blend immersive cultural exploration, historical richness, and natural wonders into an unforgettable journey. Our adventures begin in Athens, delving into the ancient heart of democracy, complemented by authentic Greek culinary experiences. We traverse through Greece's heartland, engaging with the legends and landscapes that have shaped this storied nation.

Our journey is a celebration of Greece's diverse palette, from the vibrant street foods in bustling cities to the tranquil, organic farm-to-table experiences in the countryside. Each meal is an exploration of Greece’s culinary heritage, a story told through flavors and traditions.

We venture beyond the typical, exploring Greece's natural splendors. From the serene Ionian Sea to the majestic mountains, our tours offer a harmonious blend of adventure and tranquility. Activities like snorkeling, hiking, and whitewater experiences provide exhilarating encounters with nature, while moments of relaxation amidst breathtaking landscapes offer a chance for reflection and connection.

Central to our tours is the spirit of community. We foster deep connections, not only with the stunning locales we visit but also within our traveling group. Our adventures are shared experiences, communal celebrations of the joy of discovery, and opportunities to form lasting bonds.

Join us for a Greek odyssey that transcends the ordinary. Our tours are more than just travel; they're a journey into the heart of Greece, celebrating its history, culture, and natural beauty. It's an adventure that connects us to the essence of life - the shared love of food, music, and exploration.

Greece Itinareries

4 Day 


$1800 pp Book Now

8 Day

Athens, Ioannina and Epirus Region, Delphi

$3400 pp Book Now


12 Day

Athens, Ioannina and Epirus Region, Delphi, Zagoria Mountains

$4800 pp Book Now

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