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A little bit about us

Food, Music, & Love is based out of Seattle, WA. Though we operate both, internationally and domestically, with our adventures and experiences. Most of which are hosted in Egypt, Greece, and Spain currently.

We specialize in multi-day, all-inclusive, culturally immersive adventures that are heavily focused on exploring each location through its culinary culture and history, its cultural connections to music and entertainment, and each location's abundance of nature and outdoor adventure activities. We have both itineraries that are preset or we are able to create custom itineraries according to our guests preferences and desires.


On each adventure, we will always explore various types of cuisine and culinary locations, experience an eclectic variety of music and entertainment and participate in a plethora of amazing outdoor adventure activities. 

All of our adventures are guided personally and expertly by one of our small team of professional Chef/Guide's who are also versed in the history and culture of each location. We take care of all the logistics, planning, and organization so that you can just enjoy and immerse yourself in the experience of a lifetime.


Our Story

At Food, Music, & Love our adventures are tailored to people

who love the kinds of experiences that truly immerse them in culture and nature in a way that only a perfect combination of exposure to great food, fantastic music, and genuine connections with amazing people can create!


Our retreats, adventures and experiences are modeled and structured

around the concept of meaningful discovery. Whether you hoping to discover more about the world around you... or maybe even just a bit more about yourself. On our adventures you will find plenty of opportunities to uncover a world of knowledge, adventure and flavors that will open you up to a series of unforgettable experiences that you could have never dreamed of... and that just may change you for the rest of your life. 


Our goal at FML is to generate the feeling that you're taking

a planned vacation with close friends. In which we will all share good food, good music, and wonderful experiences and through our love and passion for all three we will be able to create lasting bonds and memories that are able to stand the tests of time, while at the same time truly immersing ourselves into each of the wonderful locations we visit along the way.​

Through these experiences we don’t hope to just host guests, as much as we hope to cultivate many genuine  long-lasting friendships and foster deep meaningful connections between our guests and all those wonderful collaborators and locals we may interact with on our journey together. Our hope is that we all will remember our experiences together and with them fondly,  and when we depart, still hold them in our hearts and minds for a very long time. We hope that each time we are honored to host an experience, we are able to share the perfect amount of Food Music & Love to make that reality possible.

We have learned through our own adventures in life, that with just a little bit of the right music, the best foods, and a whole lot of love, passion and excitement shared together in our collective experience, each moment on our adventure, can truly be all the difference in the world between having a simple yet memorable trip or vacation… or having a very real, very deep, and profoundly genuine personal experience/adventure that we all will never forget for the rest of our lives. At Food Music & Love Adventures that is exactly what we hope to help cultivate... every, single, time.

​At Food, Music, & Love we believe in 3 things:

First, We are of the belief that most people constantly underestimate

how much power that food, music, and genuine connection (love), can have on being able to make a substantial and positive difference in people's lives.

Second, is the hope to be able to teach each of you a little bit about each location we visit in hopes of fostering a knowledge and understanding of each culture that will remain in your thoughts for months and remain in your hearts and minds for a lifetime. We hope to be able to do this in a relaxed, more personal, and extremely enjoyable fashion in contrast to the usual by-the-book standardized tours and guided experiences that are already out there.

Third, we hope that from the moment you meet with us and speak with us, you will know that you’re in the kind, caring, and loving hands of professionals who are willing to go above and beyond for you in the experience you chose and in which we hope to deliver. We hope to allow you to feel that we genuinely care just as much (if not more) about your experiences than even you as our guests. We will always do our best to make sure that we deliver on our promise of bringing you the best combination of knowledge, food, music, & love that we possibly can.

We are hoping to expand our experiences and adventures to other parts of Europe, North Africa, and south America soon. For more in-depth information on what and where we are offering our adventures and services at the moment, you can find all that information on each of our Adventure Location pages.

    Thank you all for your time and patients and we hope to see you and adventure with you all soon!

From The Staff @ Food, Music, & Love.

Meet The Team


Akram H. Ziada



Jessica Charter

Adventure Coordinator/Instructor/Guide


Ziyad Abu-Haroun

Logistics Coordinator/Guide

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