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8 Day Cairo, Luxor & Aswan Adventure 

Day 1: Egyptian Culinary Delights & Pyramid Exploration

Welcome to the heart of Egypt! Begin your journey with a delightful breakfast at Zooba, where you'll taste authentic local flavors. Midday, enjoy a light lunch on a rooftop with the awe-inspiring pyramids as your backdrop. In the evening, immerse yourself in the rich, cultural ambiance of Abou El Sid, renowned for its exquisite Egyptian dishes. The day's highlight is a guided tour of the majestic Pyramid complex, culminating in a serene sunset sail on the Nile aboard a traditional Felucca. End the day with a relaxing nightcap at a rooftop bar, embracing the city's vibrant energy.

Day 2: High-End Gastronomy & Cultural Museums

Explore the cosmopolitan side of Cairo, starting with a sophisticated breakfast at PAUL. Experience the city's upscale culinary scene, with lunch amidst the grandeur of Cairo's museums. Savor an elegant dinner at KAZOKU, followed by evening drinks at The Kempinski Nile Rooftop Bar. Your cultural odyssey includes visits to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and The Museum of Egyptian Culture, showcasing the rich tapestry of Egypt's history.

Day 3: Street-Food Adventure & Khan El-Khalili Market

Dive into Cairo's vibrant street-food scene. Start with the city's best falafels at Abo Ahmed, followed by an iconic Egyptian lunch at Khoshari Abou Tarek. Dinner at Abu Haider offers the finest Egyptian-style shawarma. Wander through the bustling lanes of Khan El Khalili Market, a treasure trove of history and commerce, where you'll feel the pulse of Cairo's heart.

Day 4: Luxor Sojourn

Fly to Luxor and settle into your luxurious villa. Reconnect with yourself in this tranquil setting before enjoying a home-cooked meal prepared by your Guide/Chef, showcasing local flavors and warm hospitality.

Day 5: West Bank Wonders

Explore Luxor's West Bank, visiting the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, and the Colossus of Memnon. Unwind in the evening at Memnon restaurant, followed by leisurely time around the villa's pool or a stroll in the nearby charming town.

Day 6: East Bank Luxor from the Sky & River

Experience the magic of Luxor with a sunrise hot air balloon ride, offering breathtaking views. Discover the East Bank, including Karnak Temple and Banana Island, capped off with a serene sunset Nile float to Luxor Temple. Conclude your day with a spectacular dinner at Wolf Restaurant.

Day 7: Journey to the Ancient Temples of Dendara and Abydos

Venture north to the ancient and well-preserved Dendara and Abydos temples, steeped in history. Enjoy dinner at a special local establishment, offering a taste of the region's culinary heritage.

Day 8: Aswan Exploration & Fond Farewells

Head south to Aswan, visiting the storied ruins of Kom Ombo Temple and the Temple of Horus at Edfu. Conclude your adventure with a heartfelt journey back to Cairo, where you'll share a final exquisite dinner, celebrating the unforgettable memories made.


This itinerary is crafted to invite you into the heart of Egypt, offering a blend of local immersion, cultural discovery, and personal rejuvenation. Each day promises new experiences, deep connections, and an authentic taste of Egypt's rich heritage. Welcome to your adventure with Food Music & Love Adventures!

Included: All meals (3 per day) and standard beverages, luxurious accommodation in private local villas, entry fees to all sites, and in-country transportation. Not included: Visas, travel insurance, international flights.

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