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4 Day Cairo Tour

Join us for an immersive 4-day Cairo Culinary Tour with Food Music & Love. Discover the rich history and food culture of Egypt as we explore the iconic culinary scenes and historical sites of Cairo. Our tour takes you on a series of food-related excursions to some of Cairo's most popular establishments. Experience the city's vibrant food scene and indulge in mouth-watering dishes while learning about the country's history and culture. Don't miss out on this unique culinary and adventure tour with Food Music & Love.


Day 1: Egyptian Cuisine Immersion & Pyramid Exploration

Embark on a culinary and historical journey in Egypt. Begin with a delightful breakfast at Zooba, sampling authentic Egyptian flavors. For lunch, enjoy a meal with a view of the majestic pyramids. In the evening, dine at Abou El Sid, known for its classic Egyptian cuisine in an enchanting setting. The highlight of the day is an in-depth tour of the Pyramid complex, an encounter with ancient wonders. As the day winds down, enjoy a tranquil sunset sail on the Nile aboard a traditional Felucca, followed by a relaxing nightcap at Odeon Place Rooftop Bar, under the Cairo skyline.


Day 2: Gourmet Exploration & Museum Insights

Today's adventure unveils Cairo's upscale culinary scene. Start with a refined breakfast at PAUL, followed by a light lunch amidst a day of cultural discovery. Dinner at KAZOKU offers a taste of world-class cuisine, capped off with drinks at The Kempinski Nile Rooftop Bar. Immerse yourself in Egyptian history with visits to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and The Museum of Egyptian Culture, offering a glimpse into Egypt's rich heritage.


Day 3: Street Food Extravaganza & Khan Il-Khalili Market

Experience the heart of Cairo's street food. Breakfast at Abo Ahmed features some of the city's finest falafels, followed by lunch at Khoshari Abou Tarek, serving Egypt's beloved national dish. Dinner at Abu Haider offers the best Egyptian-style shawarma. Explore Khan Il Khalili Market, a bustling hub of culture and commerce, where the vibrant spirit of Cairo comes alive.


Day 4: Local Market Tour & Authentic Dinner Party

Venture into a local neighborhood food market, engaging with vendors and locals to experience daily Egyptian life. Sample fresh juices and enjoy coffee and shisha at a local café. With ingredients gathered, join Chef Akram for a cooking session, preparing an authentic Egyptian dinner. Celebrate your final night with a family-style dinner party, savoring the connections and memories made.

This itinerary is thoughtfully curated to offer an intimate and enriching exploration of Egypt's culinary and cultural landscapes. Each day is designed to deepen your connection with the local life, traditions, and history, ensuring an unforgettable experience with Food Music & Love Adventures.

Included: All meals (3 per day) and standard beverages, accommodation in private local villas, entry fees, and in-country transportation. Not included: Visas, travel insurance, international flights.

4 Day Cairo Tour

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